– Manage and use your Apple ID

About your Apple ID

Keep your settings and Apple services up to date on all of your devices. Just sign in with the same Apple ID everywhere.
How to sign in
Where you can use your Apple ID
If you change your Apple ID or password

Protect your account

Apple takes the security of your personal information very seriously. To help keep your Apple ID secure, see how to prevent unauthorized logins.
Set up two-factor authentication
Keep your account secure
Avoid phishing

Manage and use your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. You can sign in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and password.

Sign in with your Apple ID

Use the same Apple ID and password every time you’re asked to sign in to an Apple device or service. If you don’t have an Apple ID, learn how to create a new Apple ID. You can use your Apple ID to:

  • Automatically set up all of your Apple services when you set up a new device and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Keep your personal content up to date on all of your devices when you sign in to iCloud.
  • Sign in to the iTunes, Books, and App Store to make purchases and access previous purchases. 
  • Sign in to iMessage and FaceTime1 to talk and text with friends and family.
  • Sign in to third-party apps and websites with Sign in with Apple.

See a list of other features and services that use your Apple ID.

Manage your Apple ID

Because your Apple ID is used across all your devices and services, it’s important to keep your account information up to date. Simply sign in to your Apple ID account page2 at any time to manage your account:

You can also learn how to manage your payment information.

Help us protect your account

The security and privacy of your Apple ID is very important to us. Here are some things you can do to make sure your account remains private and secure:

Learn more

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